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Lansing Chamber Charities

Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce assists families in need within our community.

In August, the Chamber either purchases backpacks and fills them with donated school supplies, or we provide a gift card to each school so they can purchase the supplies that the children need.  This helps ensures that the children have the necessary tools for their education.

Then in November, each school counselors work closely with the Chamber to select one family from each of the 7 schools.  We then shop for all the children (up to age 18) in the household.  This program maintains complete anonymity for the children, taking into account their age, gender, size, interests and other demographic information.  This ensures that the gifts provided are tailored to each child's needs and preferences.

The program aims to purchase all necessary items for each child, including clothes, shoes, toys, books and a gift card for groceries to the family.  These items are then delivered to the families by the school counselors, ensuring that they reach the intended recipients.

To raise the funds for the program, we conduct various fundraising events throughout the year.  Some examples include the Pancake Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and the Pancake Breakfast with Santa, which are sponsored by the Lansing Copper Muggers.  These events provide an opportunity for the community to come together and support the Family Giving Program.  Our other events throughout the year earmark a certain percent of proceeds to be given to the Family Giving Program.

Every donation, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated.  It's heartwarming to know that all proceeds from these fundraising events and other initiatives go directly to the Family Giving Program.  Additionally, the program also receives funds from 50/50 raffles, further contributing to its success. Overall, the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of families in need.

The Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that we have officially formed THE LANSING CHAMBER CHARITIES 501(c)3 and Family Giving is part of this new branch of the Chamber!!  All donations are now tax deductible.

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